Frank’s Towing Experience With Merciful

Frank Greer
Frank Greer

Frank “Tug” Greer. He has been a customer of Merciful Towing since his business began 27 years ago. Over the years, Frank has continued to choose Merciful Towing for several reasons: consistency, efficiency, and reliability. 

“Every time we have a truck that goes down, I always call,” Frank shared. He knows that our team is standing by to get his trucks back on the road as quickly as possible. We recognize that Frank’s customers are counting on him to show up and help, so we always dispatch a truck right away.

“They’ve hauled probably 250 vehicles for me,” stated Frank. At Merciful Towing, we have established a track record of professionalism and consistent care. Our customers, like Frank, know that they can count on us in their time of need. We will come through for our customers and provide the care they deserve. Frank said, “I use them and I’d continue to use them.” The Merciful team is committed to making every experience positive for our customers, so they will be able to count on us every time. 

“I’ve honestly never been disappointed with them,” Frank communicated. When we founded Merciful Towing, our mission was to provide a different kind of towing experience for our customers. We wanted our customers to realize that we genuinely care about our customers. Our team is committed to being a reassuring and comforting presence on a hard or stressful day on the road.

Frank shared, “I’ve been very happy with Merciful…I think you’ll be very satisfied with them.” If you are ready to see the difference for yourself, call Merciful Towing for all of your roadside needs.