How Merciful Towing Serves the Heavy-Duty Industry

When a heavy-duty vehicle has a towing need, only trained operators with specialized equipment can help. At Merciful Towing, we are proud to have an exclusive Landoll trailer designed for heavy-duty towing and winching. Whether your vehicle has been in an accident, or you need roadside assistance, the Merciful Towing team can help.

What Vehicles or Equipment Qualify as Heavy-Duty Towing?

·        Semi-Trucks

·        RVs

·        Construction Equipment

·        Farming Equipment

·        Garbage Trucks

·        Motorhomes

·        Buses

If you are unsure if your vehicle is considered heavy-duty, reach out and ask our support team.

Accident Towing and Recovery Support

Accidents happen, but they are even harder to manage when heavy vehicles and equipment are involved. Whether your fully-loaded dump truck went into a ditch, or the GPS got your tractor-trailer truck stuck on an unpaved road, our team can handle your heavy-duty problems. Last year, we helped with a mobile home that had fallen off while being towed. We got it reloaded without further damage and towed to safety. Our team is not intimidated by unusual or complex towing concerns, no matter how many pounds or tons are involved. When an accident occurs, give us a call for a quick and professional response. Our Landoll trailer makes clearing an accident fast and efficient.

Roadside Assistance

When a heavy-duty vehicle like a tractor-trailer truck breaks down on the roadside, you must call in the professionals. We understand how important meeting deadlines is for your line of work. Our team is committed to getting you back on the road ASAP to keep your truck on schedule. If you ran out of gas, got locked out of your truck, have a flat tire, or need a jumpstart, reach out to Merciful Towing. We will do our best to get you back on the road, and we can tow your vehicle if roadside assistance is unsuccessful.

Transfers and Load Shifts

Did you get stuck on the scales because your truck exceeded the proper weight? We have the equipment and expertise to help with a load shift where you are or complete the transfer at our property. Regardless, our team will help reload and get you back on the road quickly.

Merciful Towing is proud to serve the heavy-duty industry. Reach out today if you need help with your heavy towing jobs!