Professional Heavy Duty Towing

Not every towing company can handle heavy-duty towing. When you exceed a certain weight capacity, specialized equipment is needed to tow the vehicle safely. Merciful Towing is outfitted with the right equipment and experience to handle your heavy-duty equipment and vehicles.

What is Heavy-Duty Towing?

Heavy-duty towing centers on commercial or construction vehicles. Whether you need to tow a tractor trailer, motorhome, bus, or anything in between, specialized equipment is essential. Many of our heavy-duty towings are completed using our Landoll trailer. The Landoll has a moving capacity of over 40 tons and a 30,000 lbs winch. This piece of equipment can help clear an accident involving a heavy-duty vehicle in record time. We set ourselves apart from the competition by having and using this exclusive piece of equipment.

How to Choose a Professional Heavy-Duty Towing Provider

There are four vital aspects to evaluate before choosing a professional towing company: safety, experience, distance capability, and weight capacity. Safety should always come first because you need to feel confident that your vehicle will arrive without any damage in transit. Choosing a company that is specifically experienced with heavy-duty towing will ensure that proper towing methods are utilized. Depending on where you need to tow your vehicle or equipment, some towing companies may have limitations on their travel radius. Heavy-duty vehicles and equipment cannot be towed using standard equipment. They don’t have the weight capacity to haul your heavy job. When you choose Merciful Towing, you have a secure towing company with all four aspects. We always put the safety of your vehicle first, whether we are hauling it a long-distance or just around the corner. Our team has over fifteen years of experience, and we have the equipment needed for the heaviest towing jobs.

If you need heavy-duty towing, call Merciful Towing. Our capable and compassionate team can handle the heavy lifting.