The Difference Between Light-Duty Towing and Heavy-Duty Towing

Not all towing companies are equipped for heavy-duty towing. Heavy-duty towing requires specialized trucks to accommodate the necessary weight capacity. In addition to having the required equipment, heavy-duty towing companies have the expertise to manage the weight safely. Merciful Towing offers light-duty and heavy-duty towing to accommodate customers, regardless of their vehicle size. 

What qualifies as light-duty?

Light-duty towing is the standard service offered by towing companies that encompasses any passenger vehicle, from a sedan to a minivan to a pickup truck to a motorcycle. Conventional trucks can handle towing abandoned vehicles, broken down passenger cars, and roadside accidents. The weight capacity for light-duty towing is 10,000 lbs or fewer. Standard towing trucks are beneficial and are used for light-duty towing because are strong enough to carry the load, but they are also compact enough to maneuver into tight spaces and busy streets. 

What qualifies as heavy-duty?

Heavy-duty towing includes hauling semi-trucks, buses, construction equipment, farming equipment, garbage trucks, and any other vehicle exceeding 17,000 lbs. With a 25 ton boom, specialized trucks for heavy-duty lifting are essential for safe towing. Standard tow trucks only have the capacity for 7,000-11,000 lbs. 

Who should you trust for heavy-duty towing?

Although most professional towing companies will have the capability and equipment to handle light-duty towing, it is best to choose a company with the right experience and equipment for heavy-duty towing. Before choosing a service, ask about their specialized trucks for heavy-duty towing. We recommend also asking how long they have been doing heavy-duty towing and what sort of heavy-duty vehicles they have towed. Another factor to take into consideration is the insurance coverage on the tow truck. It is wise to ensure that they have insurance with appropriate coverage for heavy vehicles. Heavy-duty equipment can be someone’s livelihood, whether it is farming equipment or their semi-truck, so only truly capable towing services should be called for this heavy lifting. Merciful Towing has the right experience, equipment, and insurance to handle your heavy-duty towing safely.

Whether you need heavy-duty or light-duty towing, the Merciful Towing team can help. We always bring the right equipment and attitude to support you during your worst day on the road.